Editing Services

I’ve been copy editing and proofreading professionally since 2007 and in the romance genre since 2012. I bring a wealth of experience in the nitty-gritties of grammar, while keeping in mind the realistic needs of authors (and readers).

My services focus on copy editing and proofreading, but will include line-level or developmental issues I come across that might have been missed or not addressed in previous edits.

Rates include a few rounds to clear and review edits to make sure changes are correct and you are happy with the changes.

New Client Price

For new clients, I charge $0.005 per word (roughly $250 for a 50K novel).

If you’re interested in my services, I’ll give a free copy edit on the first five to ten pages so you can see what to expect.

Returning Clients Price

For authors I’ve worked with previously, I charge $0.004 per word (roughly $200 for a 50K novel).

Sensitivity Services

I generally do not do work as a sensitivity reader, but will apply my knowledge of sensitivity issues and personal experience to all projects I work on unless explicitly told to not do so.

I am a genderqueer asexual, and have experiences with moderate head trauma from a car accident.

To inquire about my availability and services, email me!