The Longest Night – and Moments of Light

Yes, I’m late. No, I don’t really have a good excuse aside from the wicked temptation of mindless entertainment.

But on that, the longest night of the year (work with me here), I want to take some time to remember what brings light in my life.

My parents, who I’m lucky to have supported me through a job change (I don’t handle change well) and buying a house (see former). A little bit of financial (buying paint, etc), but mostly putting in time, etc, helping me make this house a home #cheesy.

My moving party – when I put a call out to my friends, they all wanted to chip in to pay for movers (for various valid reasons), but even with their financial support, it would have been way too much. In the end, only one of them could make it, AND on the day of, my moving truck got canceled. But the four of us and two pickup trucks (and about four or five trips) did it. We were lucky to have gorgeous weather at the beginning of November (sunny and cool but not cold and DRY). I paid them in pizza and beer/hard cider (and the one friend in ice cream as well). I wasn’t too grumpy and we got it all done.

My barn. I’ve had a lot of joy at my barn over the years, but my riding instructor just had her 70th birthday and her four main horses/ponies that she uses for lessons/pony camp are aged and/or showing health problems. The horse I usually ride began showing signs of lyme, so they treated for that (it’s fairly common in PA) but his test came back negative. Then he showed fluid in the lungs and a heart murmur. I want to think he’s improving, but it’s hard to say, and a week ago my instructor said she’d decide before Christmas. Then Monday she said the New Year. Today she talked about getting him through the winter. So who knows what the new year will bring. But I’m grateful for all the joy they’ve brought me this year and for the past <redacted> years.

And I’d also like to take a moment to say I’m grateful for my friends, who have kept me sane; my job, which has kept me fed and warm; my second job, which will pay for future repairs on the house; my petsitting clients, who have put their most precious possessions in my care; and all the hours of GBBO that were available that I watched when I was exhausted. 

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