Sharing a Pond and some GIFs

Today I finally told my mom that I have a book being published and that she’s NOT ALLOWED TO READ IT. I explained that it was male-male-male romance and I’d really prefer her not reading the explicit sex I wrote. And I’d probably suggest she (and any other family members) not read this blog post.

For the rest of you though…I thought you’d like to see some of the GIF-set inspirations that appear in Sharing a Pond. It comes out in THREE DAYS.

I’ve actually found many of the scenes that I wrote in GIF format, but most of them were after the fact. However, one particular scene, in which Brent earns a reward and “finds” a porn that they re-enact, was actually inspired by two images. I don’t have the rights to any of these images, so I’m just linking to various tumblr pages where the images can be found.

WARNING: These images are definitely NSFW. Um, unless you work in a very open-minded environment.

It starts pretty simple. Then one of them steps aside and it gets a little more interesting. Obviously these are just two parts of the whole scene 😉

But the story isn’t all about smokin’ sex.

There’s some sensualsweet, and tender moments along with all their drama. But I thought you’d like to see some of what inspired me to write the naughty scenes of Sharing a Pond.

Happy reading!

Not a Countdown

I am NOT counting down to my book release. Not actively. There’s not eight days left or anything.

Not at all.
BUT OH MY GOODNESS if there were it’d be so exciting!
Thankfully I have lots of other things to keep me distracted. Like editing BAW, giving WCR a read-through to send it off to a beta (which is where it is now), and trying to figure out where to send BAW for possible publication. Plus a few other things.
AND, related to my sorta kinky Sharing a Pond that may or may not be coming out in eight days, I was at a convention for work this weekend. It’s the Geeky Kink Event, and while it was exhausting and a lot of work (and stress), mostly because of prep and car’s crumpling, I had a great time. Talking to like-minded people is always fun, meeting new people, forging new bonds, getting your back set on fire. Good times.
Oh, did the back-set-on-fire thing catch your interest? Well it’s called fireplay and it was amazing. Using rubbing alcohol, firesticks, and her hands, fire was on my back. The alcohol creates a barrier between the fire and the skin so it doesn’t burn, just feels warm, and it’s a fantastic sensation (although requires training and skill, so don’t just run off and do it on your own).
I was really stressed on Saturday night after a 12-hour workday, so a nice fire massage (which is pretty much what it felt like) was much appreciated. The stress just fell away and I was so relaxed I was a little loopy. 
Obviously there are no pictures, and I was given an introductory session (so not as intense as it can/could be).[I wanted to upload a picture from the internet but blogger hated me and wouldn’t let me do it right now] The stick/ball is generally material (cotton? I can’t recall) doused in the alcohol, rung out, then drawn over the skin, with the other hand following shortly after to put out the fire. 

A Very Exciting Saturday

Some Saturdays are definitely better than others. My day in reverse:

The print copies of Sharing a Pond arrived!

My level of excitement is immeasurable. I’m trying to decide how many to keep and how many to give away and if I should just hoard them all. So pretty! *pets* The best part was I wasn’t expecting them, so they just magically appeared in the mail and that was super exciting.

In LESS exciting news, I got my hair cut. I was getting a bit shaggy:

And so I got a fair amount cut off, mostly around the back and sides. But now I’m actually going to have to style my hair most days. Also, I realize for long-haired people the change is not dramatic. But it’s a lot when it’s short hair!
The funniest part is where I got the inspiration for my hairstyle. Which you’ll have to ask if you really want to know 😉
I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday as much as I’m enjoying mine!

Sharing a Pond available for preorder!

I’m excited to announce that Sharing a Pond is now available for preorder on Less Than Three’s website!

I am so excited for November. I mean, it’s a pretty great month (it’s no October, but it’s pretty great), but this just makes it that much more awesome! Of course, now I have to start thinking about things like getting the word out and all that stuff but…

I’m just going to rejoice in SaP having a cover and being up for release and all that great stuff.

Still can’t believe it’s…

Life sure is funny.

I was fretting over when my next round of edits would be coming in and poof, edits appear in my inbox.

Of course, then there are other things to fret about, but what would I be without that?

The edits are now back with my editor (wee! one less thing on the plate). I’m suffering from a heavy case of “everyone’s a better writer than me,” and my June and July are hectic, so I’m flipping out about that too.

BUT I am doing writing things (like having a file go back to an editor), so I’m trying to keep that in mind when the doom-voice gets me down. Also, it’s mostly the beginning that’s kind of rough, so…guh. However, it really makes me want to work more on my craft, so that’s a good thing. It’s just a matter of following through. Finding people to help point out when things sound bleh.

In other news, I ready Amy Lane’s Black John, which isn’t one of my favorites of the series, but was enjoyable. I enjoyed the progression of a fallen character into a strong character, and also the love interest’s insistence that he had to get strong on his own.

I think that mentality of “thanks for your help, but I have to do some of this for myself” is good, and it was balanced in the story. Friends, loved ones, and support are important, but the desire to be helped is also vital.

I probably enjoyed the “growing-up-how-I-got-here” portion of the novel less than I did some of the others, because I just couldn’t relate. The others felt more grounded in a reality I could understand and associate with, but John’s past just was sort of beyond me. The storytelling was good, of course, so I never got bogged down with the backstory (in fact, I liked the way it was done with memories and flashbacks), but I still just couldn’t get them.

I also re-read (for the millionth time), The God Box by Alex Sanchez. Part of the reason is because Riptide has a book coming out called Lead Me Not by Anne Gallagher, which is an inspirational that looks at homosexuality and religion. There are a lot of similarities between these books because of that, even though the stories themselves are completely different.

Some people may find my love of The God Box odd. Um, Alex, aren’t you an atheist?

Well, yes, I am. But there’s just something powerful about this story. One, because I think it is a beautiful representation of what religion–and especially faith–should be. And it’s all about acceptance–of the self and others. And it’s so friggin sweet. GO READ IT.

November is over!

Okay, so:

My goals for this month:
1. Edit/write every day I don’t have a conflicting event (like my GKE trip next weekend). *Holds up calendar* You can tell I’m serious ’cause I wrote it down.
2. The above should let me finish a pass of edits on SaP, SS, and HtPD. So hopefully.
3. I’d love to get 3-5 K written this month, and I’m keeping track, but it’s not make or break.

I am excited to announce that I was very successful this month.

My writing hit 3K, but it wasn’t as much original, publishable fiction as I would have liked. And I haven’t written anything since the 16th. So that one wasn’t a huge success, but it did keep me writing a little when I knew my edits would overwhelm me.

As for the edits: I finished doing a pass on SaP, SS, and HtPD. I sent SS out to two beta readers and have gotten feedback from one. Overall positive feedback, so that makes me happy. She pointed out an issue with the end that I also felt…but I need to ponder how to fix it.

SaP, sitting at just over 50K, was a close one. I just finished my editing pass today. I also have to ponder how to move forward with this one. There’s a submission call that it can be sent to, and the deadline for it isn’t until 1/31/15, so I could hunt up a beta reader and get feedback, or I can just send it off and get it off my plate.

I’m leaning toward the second, because I’d like to focus on finishing up SS and then returning to BaW, which I’d REALLY like to get done or closer to friggen done 😛

Which leads me to this month’s goals:
1. Finish writing new ending to BaW.
2. Enter handwritten edits into final file.
3. Submit BaW to the writing group.

Midpoint update!

My goals for this month:
1. Edit/write every day I don’t have a conflicting event (like my GKE trip next weekend). *Holds up calendar* You can tell I’m serious ’cause I wrote it down.
2. The above should let me finish a pass of edits on SaP, SS, and HtPD. So hopefully.
3. I’d love to get 3-5 K written this month, and I’m keeping track, but it’s not make or break.

So far, I’ve done fairly well. I didn’t edit on vacation, but I did get a few hundred words plopped out. I’ve already hit the 3K mark (although 1300 of that was for a World of Darkness game I’m playing).

I’ve finished edits on HtPD and SS, which leaves me with 13 days to finish SaP. So we’ll see. It’s the biggest, but I’ve already started it, sooo….yeah.

This month I also started going to a local writers’ group. I wasn’t sure what kind of mix would be there, but of the four people who came to the one I went to, three were over the age of 50. Only one sneered when I mentioned queer romance. I’ll keep going and see how things turn out, but I’m definitely going to be careful what I take there. Which I knew was going to be something I’d have to worry about in my small town, but I guess I was hoping…

Anyway, back to the grindstone!