Sharing a Pond and some GIFs

Today I finally told my mom that I have a book being published and that she’s NOT ALLOWED TO READ IT. I explained that it was male-male-male romance and I’d really prefer her not reading the explicit sex I wrote. And I’d probably suggest she (and any other family members) not read this blog post.

For the rest of you though…I thought you’d like to see some of the GIF-set inspirations that appear in Sharing a Pond. It comes out in THREE DAYS.

I’ve actually found many of the scenes that I wrote in GIF format, but most of them were after the fact. However, one particular scene, in which Brent earns a reward and “finds” a porn that they re-enact, was actually inspired by two images. I don’t have the rights to any of these images, so I’m just linking to various tumblr pages where the images can be found.

WARNING: These images are definitely NSFW. Um, unless you work in a very open-minded environment.

It starts pretty simple. Then one of them steps aside and it gets a little more interesting. Obviously these are just two parts of the whole scene 😉

But the story isn’t all about smokin’ sex.

There’s some sensual, sweet, and tender moments along with all their drama. But I thought you’d like to see some of what inspired me to write the naughty scenes of Sharing a Pond.

Happy reading!

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