Friday’s Blog Posts

Today I stopped by Delighted Reader and talked about what I learned by being an author going through the Riptide publishing process. Finally, I also visited Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words and Sinfully Gay Romance. I hope you’ve had fun following me along on this blog tour (and if you’re sick of these posts, you can be happy to know they’re done now!

Fun fact: I ate at an In-N-Out for the first time in my life, tonight in Las Vegas.

Monday’s Blog Tour

For your ease of use, I’ll be posting each day with a list of my blog tour’s posts, all of which are included in a chance to win a $25 Riptide gift card. I’ll also be posting little facts about myself–just to keep things interesting!

To learn about some TV/movies that I recommend, as well as some that I wish I could blast off the face of the planet, check out My Fiction Nook.

To read the excerpt from Second Skin, check out TTC Books and More.

To read the excerpt from Second Skin, check out MM Good Book Reviews

Fact: The campus and area from Second Skin is heavily influenced by the campus of the university I attended, although the story doesn’t take place in a specific location.

Breaking news: I’m excited

Spring is here (that’s why it’s snowing, right?), and that means it’s Horse Season for me. Right now my main task is grooming ponies to help them shed out their winter coats (and considering how fuzzy some of the ponies get, this can be intense!). I wish I’d taken pictures of the barn floor after I groomed my old retired pony. I could have built a dog out of the amount of hair left. (And I mean a german shepherd, not a miniature poodle.)

But my favorite pony is ready to go! One of the kids who uses him for her 4-H project has been riding him on and off all winter, and since we both started riding again in March, he’s in good shape and not nearly as fuzzy as the others.

I can’t quite tell if he’s happy to be back to work or not.

This summer I also have the opportunity to exercise a friend’s mare. I’m not wild about mares, or quarter horses, so this will be an adventure, but it will be nice to have a consistent mount (who is sane and not a pony!). The nice thing is that I still won’t have to feel guilty if I don’t get a chance to get out as often as I should, since I’m a secondary rider 🙂

There’s also an 18-hh Warmblood (that’s 6 feet tall at the whithers) that might need ridden, and if the owner works the kinks out, I may ride him too. Of course, at 5’3, I’m going to look like a pimple. I’ll share pictures if that happens.

If you missed it, Second Skin is now available to order/download at Riptide’s website! It’ll be available at all other vendors on Monday 🙂 So if you just can’t wait, you know where to go.

Also, if you want to follow my blog tour, here’s a list of the stops I’ll be making.


I’m going to be at RT Booklovers Convention from Tuesday through Sunday this coming week, If you you’re going to be in Vegas and you want to say hi, just drop me a line! I’ll mostly be gofering for Riptide, but I have a fair amount of flexible time too. Let me know, and I hope to see you there.