Now for my favorite month!

September’s Goals

1. Work toward finishing current WIP (trans* story).
2. Do an editing pass on SaP (shifters).
3. Work on baby blanket (for my second niece). This isn’t writing related, which I’m trying to focus on more, but this is going to suck some time and it needs to be done for the solstice, latest, so I need to give it some serious attention (and it’s going to take forever).

Okay. September went really fast.

1. I finished the WIP last week. I want to do a read over (um, I guess this weekend is the plan, but I dunno) and then get it to my betas. But this was successful.

2. I didn’t really make much progress on this one. HtPD and SS took more time and I wasn’t feeling my edits.

3. I am almost finished the second color of the baby blanket. I also finished 1 half-mitt that my mom wants for xmas.

Generally pretty happy with how things went. The end of SS involved a bit more pulling of teeth than I’d anticipated, and hopefully it will stand up to re-reading, but getting that done feels like one step closer to accomplishment.

October is going to be crazy busy. I’m cat-sitting for friends at the beginning, have a work conference in the middle (I’ll be at Gay Rom Lit, if anyone wants to say hi!), while trying to enjoy one of my favorite months of the year by getting outside.

My goals reflect this. I doubt I’m going to have much/any time for creativity.

October goals
1. Finish first pass on SaP. If ready, send to beta.
2. Finish pass on SS. If ready, send to beta.
3. Another pass on HtPD. Try for 500 more words. Submit.
4. If time/energy, look at R&R on GR.

So. Many. Edits.

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