A series of thoughts

I know I tend to avoid politics and most things related to it with a plague-like vengeance. But here is a post about something political. However, to ease you into, first two comments: I had two gift cards, so I swung by B&N and picked up Wicked and Son of a Witch and then hopped over to Maggie Moo’s and bought some ice cream (because who doesn’t like ice cream when it’s 43 degrees out?).

Onto the politics. I received a news blurb sometime last week to this: The Abstinence Lobby’s Lone Wolf. It seems one man (by the name of Raymond Ruddy) has paid a lobbyist $130,000 of his own money in order to lobby for abstinence-only education.

From the article:

The lone wolf strategy appears to be is paying off — so far, anyway. In late September, the Senate Finance Committee approved an amendment to its health care bill from Utah Republican Orrin Hatch that would reinstate $50 million in annual funding to abstinence-only programs. Earlier this year, President Obama removed funding for the programs from his budget. Several studies have found that abstinence-only sex education programs, which teach abstinence but not birth control or other safe sex practices, are ineffective.

The committee approved the overall bill, which makes me wonder if they saw this little funding bit or if it got lost among the clutter. Either way it frustrates me that something so monumentally stupid is still being pushed, even if it is just by one man, because that one man (and his lobby) are still having influence.

I don’t have deep thoughts about this particularly, just a general anger, and I needed to share.