Pretty good for a Monday

I started this morning filled with dread and an overall feeling of wanting to die, which is pretty extreme, even for me.

But the day went well enough–possibly fate’s way of saying “hold on.”

Now at home: I’m eating a bean and cheese quesadilla. Mushed pinto beans and a cheese blend (Monterrey and pepper jack, I believe, or something similar) fried in a pan makes for some yummy dinner. And pretty healthy too.

I just read that The Graveyard Book won the 2009 Newbery, which is awesome. Go Neil! It makes me happy that I have a signed copy and read it (in a day, at that). That man is great. An excellent writer/storyteller and a nice, down to earth, funny human being (I’m assuming on this last one, he could very well be an alien).

Last week, which was pretty awefully blah for me, provoked very little writing. This morning, which was horrified and painful, gave me some poems. I’m hoping it’s a sign that the writing block has stopped. It didn’t really matter, since I’ll be writing tonight–whether it’s good or bad.