The Grand Adventure

Because obviously I have more important things to be doing, so instead I post here.

First off, I’m thinking of starting to make some cafe press things, but I won’t do it until I get a fair number of ideas. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

And for what you really came here for: Last night.

I went to work yesterday, even though I was sick and slept poorly. I went in early, hoping to leave early for the city, since 76 traffic sucks. However, halfway through the day I was practically asleep at my desk and bored enough to not stay awake. I went home and slept. Futzed around until it was time to go and then did the long drive into the city (it actually only took no more than 1 hour 30 min, which isn’t bad, considering). Hung out with my friend until it was time to go, in which his other friend drove us to the TLA. Ignoring that they had no water pressure (and thus the bathrooms couldn’t flush), it’s a pretty spiffy place. Kaki King in concert is very different from Kaki King on CD, and I don’t know if I prefer one to the other (I normally prefer CD). She had more energy and tempo and such Live, but I think her music comes across better as heard on CD.

After she played, she signed autographs (I got my ticket signed), and then we listened to the other band that was playing, the Mountain Goats. I might look into them, but not eagerly. They weren’t bad, but I’ll have to see what they are like a bit more to pass judgment.

We headed “home” after a stop at the Dining Car (which, it seems, has the best French Onion Soup). Got back to my friend’s around 12, stayed up talking until 2, and then conked out. I was already sick and exhausted, so the next morning I was just more so. We hung out, then I headed home (halfway it started raining). Then I conked out again. Awoken by my brother, we talked for an hour or so, then I went grocery shopping, which was thrilling*. And here I am now, sick, exhausted, thinking of the pile of shyt** I need to get done.

And something feels wrong. I don’t know what it is, but this morning I felt something sad happened, and now I just feel like something is off. Not unbalanced, but unaligned. :/ I guess we’ll see.

*it really wasn’t
**I don’t know why I spell it like this, I always have since I’ve been on the Internet


I have this growth on my neck…

I’m pretty sure it’s a pimple pretending to be a tumor.

I’m sick with a cold, or some other similar malady, and I have…many*…dishes to wash, and my bathroom really needs cleaned. So a real update will probably come later today, though how quickly today is passing (1 already..) I have no idea. I’m supposed to ride tomorrow morning and I really just don’t feel like it, what with the sick. But I should, so I will.

* an understatement