Going barefoot

While reading one of my blogs, he posted this, which, as a person who loves to go barefoot. I found interesting. He also mentioned these shoes, which I’d love to try one day.

How to Live a Barefoot Life

The above philosophy is fine, and might appeal to some, but what you want is a practical guide, no?

I’m not going to give it to you. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, nor is it desirable to live the life prescribed by someone else. The whole point is to do it on your own, without buying one of my books or doing it exactly as I do.

Live this philosophy, in small bits, and see if you like it. It takes some time to adjust to this approach, but it’s lovely in the end.

Some things to consider and try, though:

Try walking barefoot (tips , faq ).
Get rid of a couple boxes of clutter today.
When you leave your house, take less with you than usual.
When you find yourself worried about the future or past, breathe, and focus on your breath going in and out.
When you find yourself wanting to buy something, pause. Then think of how you can live without buying it.
Take time to fully enjoy a few simple pleasures today: the slow savoring of a small portion of something delicious, watching nature, spending time with a loved one, walking.
Try some minimalist fun.
Think of the restrictions you impose on yourself, and see if you can lift a few of them.
Smile, and breathe.
Most of all, be present and enjoy life.

Whether you follow this or not is up to you. Just something to think about as we approach the new year.