TMI – Boys, you may want to avert your eyes

TMI – Boys, you may want to avert your eyes

As all of you know, I am a rather flat-chested woman. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to have nothing instead of the jell-o shots that currently reside there. But I’ve come to terms with my breasts, and aside from sometimes wishing I had a nice B-cup, my current size is conducive to my lifestyle.

Now, lately my bras have been rather uncomfortable and just annoying me, in general. So I figured I would soon need to venture into the world of undergarments to get a new one (shudder). BUT, I thought, there have to be other small chested women out there with my same mal-fitting bra problem.

(did I mention that I heart google?)

A quick google search led me to the realization that there is actually a bra size smaller than A. It’s AA (which confused me, because double letters normally means larger). It’s my size! Those damn bra-makers that said my only option was A or “nearly A” were lying! I want to know why AA isn’t more well-known! Okay, well I know the answer to that…not enough women have tea-cup chests. After realizing this new tid-bit of information, I began researching stores (like FigLeaves) that offer this size.

I’m not a huge fan of ordering bras online, but I took a risk and did so. It was a pretty good deal, and the bra seemed to fit most of my specifications. I’ll update everyone later (if I remember). I then headed to Kohl’s just to see what they had and found little/nothing. I did find one thing from Barely There in a “Nearly A” but the rib-cage size was too small so it was a no-go. Of course it was on the “discontinued” rack. Also, what bra-maker thinks it’s okay to have a bra sized as A/B? A =/= B. Fuck you.

I’ve also decided my perfect bra would be a cami shelf (double material) without the rest of the shirt. Those of you who say “isn’t that just a sports bra” obviously do not have boobs. Or know what sexy looks like. These are the closest I’ve gotten, but they are too constricting. I want something that just keeps my nipples from showing and gives me support, not makes me into a boy. (Sidenote: I actually would have no problems with wearing sports bras all the time. However, society deems I should have breasts and a sexy figure, and I can’t help but feed into that a little, especially since I’m still hunting down my partner. Also, the material of my perfect bra would need to be soft and silky, not cotton, to which all things cling.)

That is all. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest (err…so to speak).