Of Dice and Men

If anyone were to ask me (and they won’t, but if they did) what I spent my Saturday night doing, I can honestly say “I was gluing dice together.”

Let’s start…well not from the beginning, but at least the start of today. Riding (of course), then a horse clinic (no surprise there). Then home, showered, fed. Out shopping (here’s where it gets interesting) for cosplay stuff. I was successful, and that success enticed me to get working on one of my cosplays’ props…a dice city. It’s something I’m enjoying (which should probably terrify you a bit), and I may add onto it after Otakon. But we’ll see.

Otherwise, I think I’ve purchased most of the items I need for my characters, missing only a shirt, things I need to order online, and some metal bits. But I’m feeling the mood a bit more (this Friday helped alot. It just felt…more right?)

Side note: Having gone to bed around 1 AM and woken up at 6:45 and been up and busy all day, I can feel myself crashing. Hopefully I can hold out until 10 and I will sleep well tonight (although most likely wake up stiffer than a log).