Name this aloe!

No, I don’t name ALL my aloe plants. Just Big Mamma, Lucien, Cornwall, and NoName (who had a different name and I forgot it). Once Big Mamma is repotted I’ll take a family portrait and share. But for now, I need help naming my Aloe in a Jar! It’s kind of an experiment to see how it grows and what it does with minimal soil and confined space. But he’s special, so he gets a name.

So, what’s his name? (And yes, aside from Big Momma, they all tend to be male-named.)

ETA: Though no one cares, I named it Aloewisius

In writing news: I’m still editing and failing to write 100 words a day. The last week was rough, so I’m giving myself some leeway. More news as it happens.

Big plates

With one submission out the door and a huge life decision made (for better or worse), I decided I really need to get off my arse with the writing/submitting thing (especially since said decision was related to that).

I know, I know, you’ve heard it before.

This time I mean business. I tapped together a monthly planner (because buying one at Target was expensive considering my needs…yes, I’m that cheap) and jotted in some deadlines and some submission deadlines and, well that’s it. Oh, and I wrote down holidays. Hey, it’s a start!

With MotF out the door, I was trying to focus on PN, but that ol’ Valentine’s day story nudged me and pointed out it was missing some scenes, so I’ve been working on them. Not sure why, but why not, right? So after the V-day story I’ll finish PN (though the ending keeps getting farther away), resume writing CLRewrite and make edits to BiB.

Not all this month. But I would like to get a chunk/all of this done by end of summer.

I’m not even thinking about betas yet.

Into the depths

My writing/editing/general work ethic has been floppy lately. I work full time and part time, so I guess there’s an excuse, but excuses are just that, so bleh.

I’m rewriting CL, although after the first chapter and a half I got derailed by two boys playing piano. Two boys flirting over piano is much easier to write than a man who is heart broken, devastated, and has nothing to live for.

I got the edits done for MotF and submitted it. No idea if it’s good enough. As my bosses have proven to me, I have no sense of my self-worth. 😀 Well, it’s been submitted, so I can’t do much else about that.

I have a few other stories that keep floating on the edge of my vision, one of which needs some major edits so it doesn’t feel cheesy (or any more cheesy than I naturally am), one that is stalled and has great potential but no movement, and I really want to make a submission to the BDSM holiday open call, but the guys are being suspiciously quiet.

That’s it for now. One day I’ll post more than once a month 😀

Squeaking by

January’s resolution of finishing Nano2011 may or may not happen, seeing as it’s just over 24 hours away from ending. I only have two scenes to do, but one is a love scene and the other is a club scene/gang initiation. I mostly just stare at the screen when I try to write them, but I do want to get it done so I can put it aside for a while and look at it with a fresh eye.

One of the reasons it didn’t get done (or at least has me down to the wire) is that I was browsing through my old stories that were finished and I came across one that fits a submission in April. I reworked a large chunk of it, made it 7,000 words longer, and now have it sitting waiting for me to re-read and fix up for April. Going to need a beta again. It’s a fantasy short with some tattoo kink, if anyone is interested.
Working full time and part time is keeping me hopping. It’s also keeping me from writing in some ways, but not enough to actually make me want to stop working both jobs. It’s kind of nice to have work I can always be doing, because it brings structure to my days. I love structure and having a task to complete.
Okay, off to relax and try to figure out this damn club scene.

That’s a Valid Point.

For those of you who follow Neil Gaiman’s blog, I’m sure you’ve read about Amazon’s Fail. I first heard about it this morning from one of my web comic authors, here. I’m hoping this was just one giant “WHOOPS” that will be remedied. I haven’t read everything there is on the topic, but it’s kinda really aggravating. But most things are in this world. Part of me concedes that they are a business and they can do whatever they want (within limits). Part of me thinks that if they are/were to follow through with this, that they’d realize it’s not a good idea. Here’s hoping.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend, although I got no extra vacation out of it. Just candy. So my exercising is offset by candy eating. Hopefully balancing it out. I’ve been pretty good about exercising on days that I’m not at the barn (or Fridays when I’m with my friends) and walking anytime it’s not raining or too cold. But of course work is causing more stress so I stress eat. I may do some meditations before bed to chillax–or something like that.

My writing has shifted focus again, this time in the form of a girl named Justine. I’m not sure where she’s taking me, but I’m just going along for the ride at this point.

Tonight I edited about 10 pages worth of story, which felt good. I’ve also begun a list of things I seemed to have forgotten, so I’ll have a chance to add more length to the story–which is hopefully a good thing. My goal is to be done editing by the end of the month. I want my first two test subjects to get it as soon as possible. Go team!

Still undecided on the cable decision. Part of me thinks that it’s a really good idea, and the other half thinks it’s not really worth what I’ll save. I suppose I don’t really have to rush to make a choice.