Publishing Announcement

The past two months have been hectic, to the point that I realized on the 26th of December that my car was due for it’s state inspection by the end of the month. Yeah, that sort of month. But I won’t bore you (likely again) with all those whining details.

Instead, I have exciting news!

A while back, you may remember me working on a story (tentatively) called Second Skin (SS)? Well, it’s been accepted for publication! It actually had to get some developmental edits done before it got accepted, and I imagine it will go through a lot more edits in the future, but I’m really looking forward to getting feedback and hopefully learning!

I’m also thrilled that this story is going to see the light of day. It’s a novella that takes place in college. The MC, a trans guy, goes in for help in a math class and the tutor he meets is not at all what he expects. While the MC’s complications with being trans are important to the story, it’s much more about acceptance and understanding someone that’s different from you.

It’s supposed to be a sweet, cute, sorta thinky piece, but the drama may get upped more in edits. I look forward to telling you more as I hear it!

Exciting news!

As my Twitter follows may have heard, I had exciting news earlier this week!

My shifter novel (with very little shifting and lots of threesome) was accepted at a press. I’m not saying much yet, because I’m not sure all the details and stuff, but I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated when I’ve more news!

Along those lines, I’ve been rather dead on a lot of social media lately because I’ve been, fancy that, writing.

I have a computer that’s not hooked up to the internet (well, it is but it would take soooo long to do anything on it, it’s  not worth it) and I’ve been hopping over to it to write for a bit every day. To entice me, I’ve set up a Chrome extension on my main computer that blocks all the sites I tell it to. Like Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook and…you get the idea. It forces me NOT to waste time on those sites.

And if I don’t write the whole time during that blocked period? Well, I find I end up doing more stuff around the house.

In the past three or four weeks I’ve written 27K words. I don’t know how much of it is good, but it felt good to write it. And I’m hoping to keep up the serious amount of writing even when this story is done.

So, a book accepted for publication and lots of writing this past month. Of course, I didn’t work on the project I had PLANNED on, but I guess that will be next month. Or something.

Oh! I also finally looked at the feedback I got on GR. I just skimmed the information, and I think some points are valid (and some not so much, but I can perhaps draw attention to the answers that are already in the story). I was glad that the reviewer suggested to emphasize the alternative world elements rather than remove them.

…Oh, I guess that should be my next project.  😀