and it begins

I’m getting sick. I’m not full blown sick (and I hope I can avoid it), but I have a sore throat and some nasal congestion (which probably caused the sore throat). And my brain is doing that thing where if I’m not concentrating on something (like typing) then my brain goes all floaty and I’m not aware of time passing.

Like what just happened when I finished typing that sentence and paused to think about something. My temp is only up 1 degree, so I’m not too worried about getting a fever, though if I were a normal human it would mean my temp was 99.6. As it is, my temp is only 98.5. But it normally is 97.5 (at the max) so you see where I’m coming from.

I haven’t gotten the third book yet, but hopefully today. I read Midnight Sun which was just a partial draft of a book she was planning. Now we doubt she’ll print it and all, but I think it’d be good if she did. Sucks that she was betrayed by someone like that though.

I’m going to go rage my pestilence on the world!