Damn Stephanie Meyer

So I decided to check out FictionPress, because dA is a crappy place to find fiction (though I know there are good things out there, it’s hard to search for). I was in a romance mood, so I’m wandering through, and I actually found an interesting story, though it’s not the best writing. But it has some interesting plot developing.

However, as my search continued, I found more first person narratives than should exist. I understand alot of young writers probably post, and most people prefer first person when they first start writing (I never liked it. Blah), but it seems to have gotten worse, and I want to blame Stephanie Meyer a little, especially considering the number of vampire/mortal romances that popped up.

I’m sure it’s not totally new, since the books have been out awhile, but still. I really hate first person. It just feels like too often it’s the author speaking in an alternative personality instead of being a new creation. The only perk is that it cuts out many of the he/she repeats, because he does something to me instead of to her…But seriously, that’s like the only perk.