In which I was productive.

I really shouldn’t be writing this post right before work, but here goes.

This weekend was very productive, working on a puzzle, cleaning (and I mean CLEANING) my apartment and some other things I can’t seem to recall at the moment. I felt really good about it, although the puzzle isn’t done yet and it kind of needs to be before Saturday. Working on it.

I scheduled an eye appointment for this Wednesday about two weeks ago, so of course a storm decides to make its way here. Thankfully my eye doctor was bright and pulled extra hours Monday and Tuesday and is going to close Wednesday. So I had my appointment yesterday and was blind all last night (probably shouldn’t have driven home..but it was only 1 mile). I wasn’t going to buy my glasses there but they were very nice and gave me a discount comparable to the coupon I had for WalMart. Assuming I was in the right frame of mind last night, I think I purchased cute frames too. But GADS are they expensive (for everything). My wallet hurts.

I tried some Genmai Chai (from Adagio) yesterday and did not enjoy it much at all. I think this will be given to a new home. This morning I’m trying Citron Green and it’s going over much better. B-Side, you should try my Spiced Apple Chai and tell me what you think.

I still have loads more cleaning to do for my Chinese New Year’s party and I’m hoping I’ll prepare enough food. I’m sure I’ll be fine.