Dreaming of a…white man?

I’ve had some weird dreams the past few nights. Two nights ago I had a dream where I was sorta gay for one of my friends, which isn’t so weird, but we were at a graduation or something…it was just kinda a normal weird dream and then it was like a psuedo gay weird dream.

Last night I had a dream that played out once, and then played out again. I was a girl, but was gay for guys…I’m not sure how it works, maybe I wasn’t really a girl. Anyway, in the dream I meet this guy, and I’m kinda guy for him. And we all live in this one huge apartment, and in the dream I never leave the apartment. So the dream played out one way (of no importance) and then played out again, only slightly different and of no greater importance. Though I think I may have been more attracted to him the second time, and it definitely did some “Your father doesn’t approve of this (as in, the gay), does he?” so that was interesting.

I’m gonna go hyperventilate.