Rock Stars and Peter Pan

Last time I updated, I was talking about my River Gods story and the struggle I was having with it’s potential plot (or lack there of). Well, I put that one on the back burner. I know my one writing group buddy was looking forward to seeing more, but I just kind of…flatlined on ideas. I’m hoping stepping away and returning to it later may help. 

Meanwhile, I read two stories vaguely involving rock stars and though I dislike rock star stories, I enjoyed these (Running with Scissors by L.A. Witt and Rock N Soul by Lauren Sattersby). And while I struggled with my River Gods story, I decided to just do a quick writing exercise prompt using a picture of someone who I thought could easily be a rock star. Something to try to work on develop my writing craft rather than just my storytelling. So I wrote some. And then some more, and then I kind of had a story to go along with it. 
So I’m currently working on a story I’m calling Scruples as the WIP title. I’m obviously trying to work hard on meeting my 5k word count each month, but I’m also trying to develop the writing and voice with this story. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but mostly I’ve been describing things (although some days are better than others). It’s hard to fight slipping into my bad habits. 
And while that’s going on, I have a fun idea flirting around of a new adult retelling of Peter Pan in a contemporary setting with an asexual character. That’s just sort of me playing around with things though, so we’ll see. If someone else writes/publishes a Peter Pan-esque asexual books, I’d love to read it and not have to write it 😀

The Summer Goes So Fast

The past month has been hectic, as I flew from helping move the Riptide warehouse, dog-sat for my brother’s family, went on vacation, and now I’m cat-sitting. And in two weeks I’ll likely be dog/horse/house sitting.

Cat sitting is easy. Especially with this sweet girl. Of course I also have to tend to the swimming pool and the gardens, but I’m used to it. On the other hand, it still throws my routine completely out of whack. I don’t have an ideal place to work (my mom has an office, but I feel like everyone tries to make their offices as uncomfortable as possible or something. Or maybe it’s just people who don’t actually USE their office.)

Despite being insanely busy, I’ve been hitting my 5K monthly word counts. Last month was a bit of a cheat because it wasn’t actually original words, per se. Part of the word count was writing up a summary, which I’m totally counting just because those things are time consuming. Or at least they are for me. And this one was wordy!

Hopefully for August I’ll be finishing my YA trans* piece (WCR). Right now it’s a novella, but I’m hoping that a re-read will enlighten spots to develop things more. Or I’ll risk taking it to my writers’ group. Undecided at the moment.

I’m also working on a story idea I’ve had written down for ages. It’s a play off a Grimms-like fairy tale, except the majority of the story takes place AFTER. My original plan was for it to be a romance, and it still would be, but I’m trying to brainstorm more plotty things rather than always having the feelings be the conflict.

Of course, as soon as I sit down to do that, I think of nothing. But who doesn’t want to see a river guardian and a sacrifice child live happily ever after (Um, with time skips, of course O.O).

All right, time to put the nose to the grindstone. Or fingers to the keyboard, whichever will be more productive….