Soups and Diners release!

Because I’ve been laid up with a stomach bug, I’m a little late to the party, but…

My short story “Soups and Diners” is now available through Dreamspinner Press!

Two days before Christmas, just after his best friend’s wedding, Max is in a diner when he’s joined by Stan, another wedding guest. Getting to know each other ensues with some awkwardness, teasing, and fun conversation. They seem to hit it off, but Stan has reservations, wondering if Max is too good to be true, and Max has a history of bad boyfriend choices. Will meeting each other be a Christmas miracle—or a prettily wrapped present that’s really an empty box?

Happy surprises

First, business: You can read my story “Soups and Diners” as part of Dreamspinner Press’s Advent Anthology. There’s a story for every day in December. The release date is December 1st! I think eventually you can buy it individually, so I’ll link to that when it happens.

Also, Storm Moon Press, which has another of my holiday pieces in their Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs anthology, is putting out the anthology on December 21st. So expect more about that later!

Second, the word-dulling depression has lifted. It’s been come and go since Thanksgiving, but it’s been fairly gone the past two days. I’ve written 11,000 words in November, 3,600 of them today. Although I wasn’t aiming to write a story, I wrote one short piece and then an idea just kind of took hold and I’ve been running with it. We’ll see if it gets an end. If it doesn’t get a conclusion, at least in my mind, I’ll post it here for anyone who wants to read my raw stuff.

Third, Christmas is coming. Which means birthdays, parties, and holidays. Are you excited? I’m pretty excited. It’s a cheery season with gift giving, cookie baking, etc, etc. It also makes me want to write a holiday story, but whenever I think of holiday stories, I think of this one. I know I’ve written others, many of them happy. Three of them published (and all happy). But I normally don’t write the happy ones. But we’ll see what I can come up with!

Reading, writing, and worrying

Blankets, books, and brewed tea
all a reader really needs!

Isn’t that some lovely poetry? 🙂

Enjoy it, because it’s practically the only writing I’ve done recently 😦

OK, not really, but there hasn’t been a ton. Partly because of work, partly because of muses, partly because I’m not really feeling inspired on any of the three pieces I’m working on. One involves sexual abuse and asexuals (which I will eventually finish, but can’t get in the right headspace right now), one involves sibling sexual abuse and some weird repercussions, and one is a follow-up story involving the previous character’s father. That one I’m actually kind of enjoying, as it’s light and will eventually have a very happy ending. 

But not much writing has been actively happening. My two Christmas submissions were both accepted, and the submission I sent in at the end of October has come back as “This needs to be an actual full book.” Which makes me cry a little (a lot). I can agree with the editor, and I knew the story had some issues, but just thinking about having to broaden everything makes me groan and curl up in a ball. And while I can objectively say to myself, “Well yes, but she’s willing to work with you, which means the writing/idea must be good enough,” most of my sensitive writer parts shriveled up. 

We’ll see how and where that goes. For now, I’m just trying to balance work, my job, my writing, and my life. And getting sleep. Getting sleep is important.

Victory doesn’t mean the war is over

As I anxiously await the second edits that I’m assuming are coming on my submitted piece (the print date is listed as Sept 14)…

I got two submissions out the door, both for Christmas/Holiday-theme calls. One is straight up soft, gooey marshmallow fluff, contemporary Christmas story, the other is a fantasy continuation of the already accepted submission. So I got both out, which means victory.

Of course, I still have plenty of work ahead. I made a spreadsheet of my writing to-do list and it’s terrifying how many stories I want to write. Having the time to realize those stories is another matter. I worked this weekend on doing a quick edit on a story (to see if there were plot holes, inconsistencies) and want to write the sequel now (thankfully it was already on the list)…but have a submission due In November that is uber priority.

And I started writing a romance with an asexual lead, but got horribly distracted, so it’s on the back burner for now.

Now to bury my head in edits 🙂 Happy apocalypse edits. Woo!