On Riding, Deodorant, and Life

This has been quite the week. Nothing of particular interest happened to me, but the world around me seems to be having bad luck!

At my barn 1. a woman was kicked by a horse which cut open her leg and broke her patella 2. my riding instructor broke her arm when a horse bucked and hit her 3. a worker was in a car accident. I’m a little afraid to go back!

My last several days have been looking at all the back entries at http://www.postsecret.com. I think I’m going to send something in. Or several somethings. It’s weird when you’re reading them and you’re like “someone else is too…” (I especially like the people who write in “I’m 27 and a virgin” because it makes me feel a little less alone). What’s weird is thinking about what secrets I’d share–and realizing it has to be the one secret that I need to share.

I think I love Degree deodorant. I haven’t given it a full test, but so far, I smell like me in the morning, not OMGMETAKEASHOWER.

Why do we keep secrets?