A Progress Report: April

A progress report! (And an aside to say I had a couple post ideas to do this month and somehow failed to do any of them.)

WIP: In the month of April, I wrote 13K on my hot motorcycle boyfriend with tattoos story (…which needs a title) and finished it off on the first morning of my vacation (before my devices all decided to NOT recognize the hotel internet). It comes in at 62K and I hope readers will find it as sweet, funny and sometimes emotional as I did writing it. (WARNING: PUNS)

Also, check out the sweet setup I do most of my quick morning writing on (using Google Docs): iPad with a keyboard case. Works best with tiny hands, but is better than booting my laptop in the morning before a busy day.

Revision: I still have ONE scene to write to finish out the revisions on my trans cowboy story (totally not writing this post to delay doing that, I swear….). I’m definitely going to need another beta read, because it went from 26K to 40K. Which the story definitely needed, and hopefully it satisfied all the issues the beta found (and a shout-out to my beta for this, who was awesome and pointed out some weak points).

Knitting: I’ve also sorta started knitting for profit, but it’s not really a venture, so much as when I can’t decided on my next project I’ll start knitting a pride scarf and make them available for purchase. I started with asexual pride, because I’m biased (and aces don’t get nearly enough merch love!). I have three for sale (one with vertical stripes like pictured, two with varying thickness of horizontal stripes). But the pictured one has a “defect” that might not be noticeable but makes me feel guilty. I’ll either keep it or sell it for less than the others.

Publishing: Nothing at the moment. One story I’m still brewing on publisher comments (and is with another reader for some more thoughts). One is still in a pub’s submission pile (no word back yet). Have a few stories that might be ready soon to go out, but will probably be making a call for beta readers too.

Elsewhere: I also went to a small anime convention in Lancaster, PA, this past weekend (see the above comment about trying to sell scarves), which was a good time with friends, although exhausting as always. I was smart and took Monday off though, which is rocking.

Now I just wrapped up a WIP, will be wrapping up a revision WIP, and finished a knitting WIP. So I’m a little lost right now! (And I have plenty of new projects/currently projects I need to get back to, so no worries there….but I’m floating at the moment.)

Finally, if you want to see more random pictures from my life, be sure to follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alextherate/. Mostly pictures of food and horses, with some proof of me writing/revising, and a game of Where’s Alex Now.

My Tattoo and other things.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve likely seen my tattoo or heard me squealing. The picture I posted originally was from immediately after, so here’s a newer shot. (Warning, my skin has not been happy about things like constant lotion and no good hard scrubbings.) It’s been almost a month, and while it seems mostly healed, I feel like it’s not 100% healed yet. It’s supposed to be healed, but I may be a slow tattoo healer. I dunno. But it’s lovely either way.

I’ve also been knitting. This is just the beginning.

I’m going to be working on that one for a while. But thankfully I have all of Free! Eternal Summer to watch with dubs so I can multitask. Though, I must say, knitting is not nearly as much fun in the warmer temperatures than it is when it’s cool out!

Tattoo Cheese Books

In that order.

Saturday I went and got my tattoo. It didn’t hurt too badly, and I think the healing stage is the worst for me (so impatient!) You’d expect there to be a picture of my new tattoo accompanying this post. WELL, my camera software isn’t on my computer and I’m lazy. So there.

I organized a cheese party at work, in which I was introduced to Armenian String Cheese. It’s delicious. I also tried goat cheese for the first time (two different kinds), edam (pronounce ee-dum), champagne cheddar, and Dubliner (?). It was really cool to try new things, and I came home with a bunch of blocks that people didn’t want to take home with them, so if you’d like to try goat cheese, Dubliner or goat cheese (two different kinds), just ask!

Finally, one of my beta readers returned the book with comments. She seemed to enjoy it for the most part (I haven’t gotten to look through all the comments yet), but she said about halfway through she just couldn’t buy the one major event that happened and she lost her willingness to suspend disbelief. Which really just confirmed some thoughts I had on the matter. Of course, to fix the problem I’d either rewrite the second half or rewrite the whole thing. But I’ll wait for what the others say (assuming the read/review).

Also, I really need to NOT stay up past 1 am. Saturday I did just that and that’s when I saw my friend’s review and I just kind of broke a little. And then I started thinking “Oh God, this tattoo was a huge mistake and now I’m stuck with it forever.” Thankfully I had the sense to kick my friends out and go to bed. I woke up more stable, and by today I was perfectly normal (well, my definition of normal^.-) Still happy with my tattoo!