What’s Alex Up to Now

Now that spring is finally spinging (aka, having a day of pouring rain for every two of sunshine), I’ll start getting more motivated to do stuff! Of course, I also have more stuff to do… (see picture for a guess on what that is!)

But I hope by the end of April (that’s what month this is, right?), I’ll have finished the rom-com contemporary m/m romance I’m working on.  I’ve crossed the 50K mark and I’m happy with what I’ve got so far. Now it’s just ripping out hearts and stomping on them. Um, lightly, I guess, since it’s rom-com. And then making it all okay again.

My other current project is doing revisions on my trans cowboy story, which is going fairly well. My beta gave a lot of feedback suggesting some heavy additions, and I’ve been working them in. One fear I have is that the scenes will make the story drag instead of developing character and relationship like they’re meant to, but I’m sure a re-read (in a different month) will clear that up. Again, I’m hoping to wrap up the revisions by the end of the month, which is going to mean putting my nose to the grindstone, but I’ve already added 4K-6K words? So it feels like good progress, even if it makes my end goal further away.

I want to say that’s all I’ve got on the writing front, but last night, while mixing up tea flavors at Adagio, I suddenly wanted to write a story focused on a tea shop and then make teas for all the characters!

So now I’m sort of brainstorming that. I love the concept, but it’s not a story that’s jumping fully formed (or even vaguely shaped) from my head, AND I don’t want to get distracted from my current story (plus all those stories I started and haven’t finished yet). So it might end up coming to nothing. But we’ll see!

For now, sexy motorcycle nerd…which desperate needs a title!

In which I was productive.

I really shouldn’t be writing this post right before work, but here goes.

This weekend was very productive, working on a puzzle, cleaning (and I mean CLEANING) my apartment and some other things I can’t seem to recall at the moment. I felt really good about it, although the puzzle isn’t done yet and it kind of needs to be before Saturday. Working on it.

I scheduled an eye appointment for this Wednesday about two weeks ago, so of course a storm decides to make its way here. Thankfully my eye doctor was bright and pulled extra hours Monday and Tuesday and is going to close Wednesday. So I had my appointment yesterday and was blind all last night (probably shouldn’t have driven home..but it was only 1 mile). I wasn’t going to buy my glasses there but they were very nice and gave me a discount comparable to the coupon I had for WalMart. Assuming I was in the right frame of mind last night, I think I purchased cute frames too. But GADS are they expensive (for everything). My wallet hurts.

I tried some Genmai Chai (from Adagio) yesterday and did not enjoy it much at all. I think this will be given to a new home. This morning I’m trying Citron Green and it’s going over much better. B-Side, you should try my Spiced Apple Chai and tell me what you think.

I still have loads more cleaning to do for my Chinese New Year’s party and I’m hoping I’ll prepare enough food. I’m sure I’ll be fine.