Being Busy and Playing Real Life Pokemon

The second-ish week of the month is always hard, as in addition to riding twice and getting together with friends on Friday, I have a 4-H meeting (horse club, go figure), and writers’ group. So it’s super busy, and my scheduled “I need to work on revisions” this week fell through hard. Ah well, there’s always next week, right (you know, the one with two barn trips, writers’ group, and two social nights…)?

I currently have my fantasy novella shipped off to another batch of beta readers (for another set of eyes), so now I’ve (hypothetically) begun edits on my trans cowboy story. Deep breath.

My current WIP is the same story I’ve been writing for the past forever (it feels like). I like the story, but it’s fighting me tooth and nail, and since I’m sticking to “write one story at a time” rule, I’m eagerly looking forward to finishing it. Both characters are sort of angst-muffins, and I love them dearly, but they are a heck of trouble to write!

In other news, all of my friends are playing Pokemon Go, so I started sharing pictures of all the real life pokemon I caught.

Ponyta (aka, my gray pony who rolls after I bathe him)
Meowth (aka black barn cat who is a love muffin)
Pidgey (aka, chicken at the barn)
Real-life Pokemon Go is fun 😛 I encourage everyone to participate.

The forming of words…

So before I hand something in, I tweak it, I tweak it, and I tweak it again.

The problem is that I’m making minor changes (generally). A comma, removing a preposition, using a different word. These are all good changes, but they don’t really get to the heart of the problem in some of my writing. But that’s kind of hard to do…finding your own weaknesses, you know?

So I started going to a writers’ group. And at first I was super tentative. The crowd seemed old and didn’t have a lot of writing background/experience…or talent. Not that they didn’t have potential, but they weren’t naturally strong writers. And most of them didn’t go through extensive classes and all that sort of thing. I was glad for feedback, but I wasn’t confident much of it would be useful.

And then some new people joined. They were younger and had experience and skill.

On Thursday we had another gathering and I feel like I got some really good feedback. I know the story that we’re currently going through is some of my more stilted language, but it was still good to hear it. And they gave some positives too. And some places where it fell through. It just felt REALLY good. And I want more of that feedback.

I’d love to have a bunch of beta readers to give that sort of feedback, and I may have one or two, but even they haven’t torn into my piece. (Um, not that I want my heart broken and bleeding on the floor. But, you know…)

But I also know I can’t just rely on the beta reader. I have to strive to improve my own writing. And while putting out the stories is important, putting them out well is even more so.

Now I just need Hermione’s time-turner in order to get everything done.