Why things are friggin weird

When you get your “camera card” in preparation for getting your driver’s license renewed, it says, “This is your Camera Card which is your invitation to our photo license process.”

Makes it sound like you’re going to the ball or something.


It’s very weird to sit in a meeting with coworkers and hear how bad the economy is, and how though your job isn’t in trouble (yet, there is always that unsaid yet), there are cut backs (some temps/part timers are gone, and there are “raise” freezes). And you get all panicky and wonder if you should look for another job.

And everything is very tense for a while after the meeting. But by the end of the day, things are back to normal, really.


For some reason I tend to schedule dentist appointments on the same day that I ride, which is weird and makes me pseudo remember my concussion (in that I remember that I went to the dentist and rode on the same day, but otherwise have no memories of that day).

It makes me worry a little, but I can’t live in fear of going to the dentist (well, no more than a normal person already worries.


And I’m already making myself late, so fin.

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