In which I exhaled

Today was confusing, as many days of life tend to be. Hopefully I’ll make it less confusing later. As it is, I won’t say more on the matter

When I got home (driving was nice and easy and relatively low stress, which was good because I had enough on my brain), I gobbled down chinese and played Paper Mario. I decided productivity was silly and instead would waste my life away doing meaningless things (that would be the video games, not the eating. eating is important).

So to make up for today’s unproductiveness (fun, but unproductive), tomorrow, when I get back from the barn, I’ll be writing (hopefully) and baking cookies.

The story will be about a woman who is happy, then betrayed, finds out about the betrayal, returns the world to balance (at least her part of it) and is happy, once again, for the moment.

Least that’s what I hope it’ll be about.

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