Paradise on Earth

I’ve had a very good several days, and have been busy enough to not have time to post.

It started with Wednesday. Although it required a stressful drive into (and later out of) the city, I went to see Neil Gaiman give a reading and Q&A. It was absolutely amazing. He’s a very laid back, down to earth person, and is really someone to admire.

Even though I got home by 9, when I woke up the next morning I had no desire to go to work, so called off. I got everything done around the house that I planned to and headed to the barn, where I got to ride two different horses. It was a lovely day, and lots of fun. Plus, I found out one of my barnmates likes Neil Gaiman. To say the least, I was stoked.

Friday, although sore from the previous day’s rides, wasn’t bad, nothing exciting at work or anything. My friends came over, we had chinese and watched anime (Simoun and Death Note). AKA, normal geek things.

This morning, after grocery shopping, I slugged in bed for far longer than normal. Then, when I finally woke up, I went shopping for some Halloween stuff. I stopped at Ollie’s first, thinking of getting a new shower curtain, but eventually decided against it. However, in my browsing, I found they had restocked the shelves that I had previously purchased there that I loved, and so I was able to buy two more sets (though, it wasn’t really financially responsible:). Plus I found pants for halloween and the color yarn I wanted.

Now I’m building the bookshelves and re-arranging my books so they are more organized and accessible.

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