Ramen packages are a couple’s meal. Per lil wrapped container there are two servings. You’re supposed to adorn it with protein and vegetables. I chose fish and pea pods. I split the ramen in half and it doesn’t seem as unhealthy. Though I then had to repackage what was left. It’s definitely a meal for two.

And so many things are. Those little desert cakes come with two in each wrapping, and you’re only supposed to eat one (according to guidelines). So where does that leave single people? Sharing with strangers or getting obese (well, a third option is to have lots of tupperware).

And living alone, when your car breaks down, you don’t have someone to pick you up. You can’t catch a ride.

You shop alone. You do most things alone.

On the other hand, there is no one to bother you when you’re writing. No one to complain about your music or it’s volume. No one who wants to watch something different on TV. No one to leave a mess. (Though, there is also no one to help you clean up messes.)

Sometimes I worry I’ll live alone for so long that I won’t know how to behave when I live with someone else. I’ll forget how to erase the line of “mine” and “yours” so it’s “ours.”

Sometimes I really want an “ours.”

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