Proceed with the wanking.

This weekend was pretty nice. Rode Saturday morning, got stuff done (never everything, but enough), got some good shopping deals and bought stuff for other people. Then it snowed, just a bit, Saturday night, which was pretty.

Today I laxed around the house, got some more stuff done, went to walmart, bought stuff I’ve wanted for a while, swung by home, and then came back to the apartment. Where I found that one of the things I bought was screwed up and the other I might not have needed. So I headed back to walmart to return the things and just got home. So my good day is only pseudo good now.

Plus I picked up a bunch of new old dishes so I need to wash all of them. And I’m really at the point in my life where for a week or so I’d like to turn off my brain and put my body in automatic. But humans don’t have that luxury. Or at least, I don’t. I’m always too fuckin’ aware.

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