Amazingly enough?

In a weird twist of fate, my period arrived early. A week early. I don’t know if it’s because I was sick earlier, or it decided to start the new year off with a bang, but it was very odd.

In other news, one of my christmas presents got “wrapped” without one of the presents inside. Whoops. It’s one of those moments where you’re like “should I redo it or should I just give it separately?” Separately it is.

My eye is all puffy like an alien race has laid it’s eggs in my eye lid. That’s so sexy.

I love Fridays. Not only does it mean two days without work, it means jeans and sweatshirts are okay. And when you’re on the first day of your period, that’s kinda nice.

My posts here have been kind of…okay, VERY random as of late, mostly rambling, because I’m very excited about something and I can’t talk about it, or I really try to minimalize my talking about it, and so I want to talk and thus here I am, talking about anything BUT the one thing I’d love to go on and on about.

I think I did enough ranting yesterday to my friend that I’m back to being happy with the world. Well, as happy as you can be when so many horrible things are happening. Oye….

My clicking just got out of hand. I’m so obsessive about checking web sites that in the middle of this post I clicked away from it. I forgot to open a new window. Haha. Thankfully the site automatically saves. ❤

I’m gonna go get my lunch and whatever ready now.

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