Journey to the Other World

So today I went to the PA Farm Show with my 4-H club. It was a pretty good time, though I spent more than I meant and it was exhausting. It was strange being surrounded by so much farm-related stuff, and it really made me think how I am a diamond, or any jewel, with many facets. Some people are single-minded, focused on a few things, normally somewhat related. I am not one of them 🙂

Anyways, got home at 7 and was pretty tired. Checked online and then thought, “7:30, should I write or read, or waste time clicking?”

I thought I’d be too tired to write, but I did. It felt really good. I hope one day I get over this terror that everything I write is crap. Because I was thinking that yesterday and it really seized up the desire to write–since it all was crap–but last night I tried thinking further into the story and today I did more thinking about it and then some of it got written (and I love when you’re writing events that need to happen and little things happen with characters that were just kind of tucked in the corner and it’s like “oh!”). I feel a little better now about writing, though no more secure in the thought that my writing is good.

And now it’s nearly 9.

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