First off, I just finished looking at GoodReads and under “popular books” it listed the 4 twilight books, to kill a mocking bird, and then all the Harry Potter books. I was highly amused. If you enjoy books, you should sign up. It’s nice getting reviews of what friends have read to see if you want to read it too.

Secondly, I’ve been spreading my web comic reading wings. Mows is mildly entertaining. Kind of like a weekly comic strip (or daily) that you’d find in a newspaper. Not funny every day, but it has it’s moments. A Softer World is very “Indy” I think. It’s very funny at times, just plain weird other times, and then disturbing and dark. I enjoy it. I enjoy it enough that I took some strips to make my computer’s wallpaper. After all, where else can you read, “When I play doctor….I play to win.”

I think this image is beautiful. It’s by LadySybile on deviantArt:

That’s about it for now. Things are okay.

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