I know, it’s been 10 whole days since I posted, it must be a miracle. Or something.

I haven’t really be interested in much lately; it’s like I’ve gone into hibernation. I think the winter has worn me a little thin and I can only hope that spring will bring my rejuvenation.

I only have one, maybe two, more chapters to write before it’s “done.” Of course how I end this story alters how I begin the next one, if I make it so there is another one. It seems rude to my readers to end my first book on a cliffhanger, but I also don’t want a “everything worked out” ending.

Also, I changed perspectives for part of the book and I’m wondering if I should change back for the end or just keep the one I have, since the second book is written in it. Of course, I wrote the story in the original perspective so far as well (just so I could get a feel of what she was going through) so I could just stick with it completely (though it would cut out 2 or 3 chapters).

Mer. Wake me up inside!

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