Planning to be Brief

Hopefully a brief update…

…my left eye is once again puffy from some irritant. It only hurts a little, the most annoying thing is wearing my glasses (which need updated and uncrookedized).

…my 4-H responsibilities have become more than I was expecting, but still, I suppose, nothing I can’t handle.

…I skipped Group last night to edit, and I’m over halfway done.

…I realized I am, in fact, a fatass and need to really focus my eating habits.

…DL’d WavePad (a sound editor) for, you know, stuff.

…it’s finally sunny again! The weekend is supposed to be beautiful (at least saturday) and hopefully not too muddy by then.

…my company decided to close between Christmas and New Years; this means I’ll either take PTO days or NPTO days. This is both awesome (because I get a winter break!) and sucks (because I either don’t get paid or waste my pto days). I’d rather have a week off in May, but I understand the financial reasons for doing it.

…because of stress and anxiety, I’ve been eating poorly and more than I should. It’s also made me extremely restless (although on this end, at least I’m being kept busy at work).

…finally: Brother o’ mine, if we want to get together in May, we should schedule a day, because I’m sure both our calendars are filling fast.

2 thoughts on “Planning to be Brief

  1. I have nothing in May except housework, but I’ll get back to you about a date when I have a better idea.Sorry to hear about your eye. My life hasn’t been all roses and reeses peanut butter cups either.fatass? Hardly. You may have work to do, but fatass? That’s a little harsh.Sun: Yeah.We closed, well, used to, between Christmas and New Years. Ours was a week off with pay, so it was nicer. Then we switched to open with no deadlines, so you can take off. Either way its nice. You can unwind from Christmas.

  2. Q – how is it that you can eat so poorly?I know you only make one thing a week for dinner, and I’ve heard you describe what you make, so its not like you’re going out to eat a lot, or making insanely unhealthy foods.If its snack food, you should totally keep different snack foods around. I try to keep popcorn, Triskets and almonds. They make nice tasty snacks that can replace chips, donoughts or chocolate.

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