Update – Nearly May

I’ve been extremely productive and motivated recently, which has been wonderful. Here’s the update.

* Reading has increased. I finished The Education of Little Tree and have started Scratch Beginnings. Also, I’m reading Air Gear, the manga, and I read the third volume of Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo, finally.

* My Death Note notebook arrived (with surprise necklace and helicopter), and it was Light’s notebook and prefabbed names were in it. It was also smaller than I expected (5.74 x 8 inches–ish). I suppose that’s to size. Kinda disappointed with it, but thankfully didn’t pay much for it. I’m now on the lookout for alternatives to make Jealous’. ETA: Found and purchased. Should arrive this week.

* Besides wig making, Near is done (err, and dice gluing, but that’s aimed to be finished this weekend). (Plus if I make the mask. Damn, I keep forgetting I’m adding things :))

* Out shopping for dress shirts, I picked up Serenity and Mirror, Mirror (the first is a movie, the second a book). Both cheaply. Plus two boxes of Gertrude Hawk chocolates. Which probably wasn’t wise, but I’m hoping freezing them will help.

* On the note of candy: I was asked how I eat poorly, and yes, it’s mostly from snacking. I seem to lose self control around things like chocolate. Or food. Thankfully I also enjoy running. I’m working on regaining my ability to resist.

* This morning I had a riding clinic (which continues tomorrow night) and it went well, although I didn’t get as much feedback as other riders. I assume this is because I was doing better than them. My pony rocks. I came home and went running, a habit I hope I continue, because running after riding isn’t that bad, especially if it’s only a mile.

-My next two weekends are rather busy, or involve being places with slow internets. updates dependent upon my level of caring-

Sidenote: sending off two copies of my “book” to two friends for editing/reviewing/criticism. Very nervous.

Doublesidenote: Need to get back on the reviewing bandwagon for a certain someone. Sorry about that.

5 thoughts on “Update – Nearly May

  1. Freakin’ love Firefly. Should watch it again. Mayhaps tonight! I believe I saw the movie rendition of Mirror, Mirror, and it was quite good. Gaiman, correct? I should read the book as well.

  2. Mirror, Mirror is Gregory McGuire (who wrote Wicked). I think you’re thinking of Mirror Mask, the screen play by Gaiman (and other) of which there is no book.

  3. I talked to “CS,” and he figured either:A) you were busy preparing your bookB) there was a miscommunication and you thought you were to stop reviewingC) you were so bored/nauseous/striken with the ineptitude of it all that you just couldn’t bring yourself to return to it. That last is probably just me, though. Very nervous about this project and quite a bit of self-worth tied up in it (rightly or wrongly).

  4. I’ll ignore you changed from third person to first person in your comment…It’s an overall busy thing, although I did just finish doing edits on my book and send them off, I’ve also been riding more, and working on crafts, and trying to write still, while increasing my pleasure reading. It’s not forgotten, and it’s not terrible.

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