Back dated: 5.02.09

“Breaking News: Google Docs Defeated by Slow Internet Connection

Today as BL attempted futilely attempted to read and make changes to her word documents through a modem-esque connection to the internet, she found the one downside of the well-liked program: It was more than her internet could handle.

Already expecting slow page loads and the ability to cook three-course meals between load times, she was startled to find that while Google Docs would load her pages, the documents themselves could not save because the internet-based program did not recognize a connection to the network—an understandable mistake.

Although most homes and businesses have access to high-speed internet, or at least medium-speed DSL, BL found herself in an isolated location without access to cable, DSL or even a flicker of wireless internet to pick up. Desperate to be in touch with the world, she succumbed to the powers of the modem, growing older and more frustrated with every click.”


Okay, so I’ve mentioned before that I like Google Docs because it is so flexible and everywhere there is internet. I was especially happy to consider that this weekend, home visiting Cara, I’d be able to continue working on some of my pieces without the distraction of easy internet, my movies and books, or the crafts I have planned.

Plugging into the internet on my old laptop (which I’m fairly certain isn’t the cause of the problem) and Google Doc loads (rather speedily since it uses such clean interfacing), and I open a document. Victory, or so I thought. I’m reading over the last piece I worked on when I try to save. After several seconds-minutes of being unable to click on the document, I get, “Error connecting to network, data was not saved, please check connection and try saving another time. If this error continues…”

Thankfully as my changes had involved a comma so far, I was not bothered. I read on, tried saving again, the error was repeated. I glared suspiciously at my modem and contemplated. It wasn’t worth the risk that if I did write more it wouldn’t be saved. My plan is maybe to try another time and just keep the document open for reading purposes, or even save it to my computer and reload it after I’ve finished writing.

The moral of this story is that dial-up modems ruin everything.

(PS. Thanks to Microsoft Word and Windows 2000 for saving this file for later posting on my blog. Seriously.)

ETA: My solution involved writing in a normal document and c/p the new text into the older document later at night. Although I still received some of the errors regarding saving, it still seemed to save (sometimes) and the document was updated. Yay.

2 thoughts on “Back dated: 5.02.09

  1. Considering the lure of easy internet, and the expected difficutly of editing and rereading, I’m expecting to do MOST of my editing on the page, and transfering that to the google doc.I’m thinking it will help keep me focused, allowing me to more easily edit on vacation or on the go and will allow me to see the doc somehwere other than the screen, which might help with the editing.

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