A post about horses

I was at the Tom Curtin Clinic all weekend, which was, of course, amazing. More information oozing out of my brain while more gets shoved in. If I see you and don’t remember your name, you know why. Blame Tom and his amazing riding.

I took Friday off from work and we left the barn at 7 to get there and tacked by 9. I went to the barn even earlier to feed and take care of the horses. I didn’t go to ride, just watch, but 3 hours of watching a break, then three more hours of watching, leaves you a bit overwhelmed with what can be learned.

Saturday was pretty much a repeat of Friday with a group dinner thrown in. Sunday my one friend and I only stayed for the first session, which was good, because we were both pretty sleepy by the time we got home. I haven’t done a single productive thing since I’ve been home except eat and shower, and it’s a little sad that I call them productive. (I’m so tired right now that my fingers have revolted and aren’t hitting the keys that my brain is telling them to. They are just flailing wildly at this point.)

I learned far too much to even do an overview in an entry, and since none of you are horse people, I wouldn’t want to bore you. But, I’m going next year, even if it requires making certain cutbacks (such as it will be sorta my vacation next year–at least major spending wise). I don’t know if I’ll be taking a colt to be started or a horse to work with (since I don’t think I can afford both), but I will be going. Donations welcome 🙂


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