Gray skies are smiling

I’ve been in a strange way lately–not easily distracted, but not completely focused. I’ve been writing, but also reading and watching some old favorites on DVD. And riding, of course. Just feeling a little restless.

I read Anima which was good. It wasn’t amazing, but for what it was, not bad. It had a strange way of having plot, but still leaving me with feeling it didn’t have enough plot. Maybe because it lacked depth.

Still reading Bloodsucking Fiends. It’s good, but not really inspiring. Not one of those books you gobble down. I also finally purchased Coraline (the book). I’ve never had one of those moments where I went to a bookstore and didn’t really find anything I wanted to buy. But now I have (except I did end up buying something, because that’s what lists are for).

I rewatched Ouran, because although I can’t seem to finish other series that I watch, Ouran is like candy. Candy laced with cocaine. I think I enjoyed it more this time too, because I knew what was going to happen, so I could just sit back and studying everything while being less involved.

My computer has been rebeling like an angsty teen lately. At first AIM was glitchy, and then my computer stopped recognizing my internet, but still let me use the internet. Thanks to a certain zombyhero, I was able to fix that, but AIM still isn’t working (I’ve changed to Trillian), and it won’t even let me uninstall. Things also feel a little slow. I may defrag, run some virus and malware searches and see where I come out at.

Work is exhausting me. Overworked, underpaid, overstressed. We have cut hours, which you’d think would mean “yay, time to relax” but it just means that when we go back to work we get stressed out all the more quickly because there is so much to do. Plus, while normally during our busy times we’d be willing to take things home and work on them, I have no desire to do so since it’s their own fault that they put us in this position. Sure, it’s fine for sales to have cut hours, but we’re all expected to get the same amount of work done in less time. It’s not possible without something breaking. I don’t want to be the one to break.

I’m going to go try to fix the world.

5 thoughts on “Gray skies are smiling

  1. I didn't say “change,” I said “fix,” which is actually harder. Really, just by being here we change the world. Fixing it involves duct tape.

  2. I enjoyed 'Bloodsucking Fiends' and it's sequel, 'You Suck.' I think it does more justice for the 'vampire-love' genre than Twilight, anyway. But, honestly, I felt 'You Suck' was definitely the superior of the two novels, even though I didn't like how some of the characters were handled in it.

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