Too busy with life to bother

Everytime I post here I seem to complain about how busy I am. Well it’s true, but it doesn’t mean I should complain. I enjoy being busy and often find things to do when I’m not busy in order to keep busy. It’s my personality and while it’s exhausting (both for me and those I spend my time with), it keeps me sane. Or has thus far.

This weekend was T’s wedding and it was quite lovely and the reception was grand. It was personal and enjoyable. I hope she’s enjoying her honeymoon. Otherwise I spent alot of money on things I’ve wanted to spend money on, so it was both good and bad. I finally bought the final parts of Soba’s birthday present, got something to play my ipod in my car, and a footlong at Subway, which has just been too long.

My computer has been acting very virus-y lately, but I hopefully got the kinks worked out. I think the rest of tonight will be burning a backup of my computer, just incase. That was just unneeded stress this week/weekend. But it could be worse.

Side Note: While at a bookstore today I saw a book “The spirituality of atheism” or something similarly titled. I glanced through the book and it got me thinking: Can atheists have spiritualism? If going by the definition (which according to MW is: “one who believes that there is no deity”), then yes. But I think the connotation is such that atheists tend to not believe in anything beyond the natural world, at least in most cases. I guess this comes around (at least in my experience) because of what people are exposed to. People tend to think of spirituality as being related to religion, which normally translates to Islam, Judiasm, Christianity. But it obviously does not have to be exclusive, since I am spiritual but have no interest in religion, and really not even interest in pinpointing that there is one god.

So I guess, in a definition standard, I’m atheist. I don’t think I’ll be spreading this new found knowledge around. When it comes up, I tend to just tell people I’m Non-Christian, which is normally enough. If they really want to get into the specifics I’ll tell them, but I’m not normally comfortable talking about my spirituality, because people tend to make assumptions. One day I’ll write up a piece about it. Maybe I’ll make hand outs. Hah.

So what are you? Why do we feel the need to label things? Why do we feel the need to fit inside those labels?

Does any one actually fit into those labels? I mean, I know none of us represent them completely, but I feel like I never fit into any of them, or, if I do, really small groups. Like the people who like peas but only if they are in mashed potatoes made with milk, butter and salt. That’s not the only way I like peas, merely an example. Cause, forbid I actually use a personal example.

2 thoughts on “Too busy with life to bother

  1. Ha! Very reminiscent of my recent post on secrets. The second one, anyway.As to the athiest/spiritualism issue: Definitely. Look up the definition of spirituality. Ayn Rand (an athiest) for one constantly writes her athiest characters as having big (and knowing their) spirits and being introspective. Basically having spirituality that her villans lack. There are nonspiritual athiests. Usually they arrive there out of anger rather than intellectual means. They aren't very nice, and frankly, they aren't the type that helps the cause (yet are often just the type that gets media).Its the human condition to label things – to put the world into smaller categories to make it understandable. Assuming someone who associates himself/herself with a group, however, is lazy. Its not much different than saying Blacks are _______. All athiests/libertarians are _____.I find athiests are generally demonized to such an extent that people are A) shocked to actually meet one and B) misinformed about them by the long education they've received by non-athiests.

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