Promises don’t really mean much unless there is some meaning behind them.

Since I’m worried about failing on my “get a book to a publisher by March 31” deadline, here’s what I’ll do…using three deadlines.

Nov 30…The chosen novel must be complete copy wise. Absolutely. Nothing missing. Failure to do so with be a $10 penalty. I’ll buy my friends a cake or treat or something and I won’t eat any– O.O

Feb 28…The chosen novel will be done all its editing. Again, a $10 penalty for being late.

March 31…send out to publisher(s). Why do I need a month for this? Finding the right publisher and doing cover letters/synapses, etc. Failure here results in $20.

I don’t know if this will work, but I figure it’d be nice to have an immediate response to my slackering, rather than the amorphous effect my current actions have spawned.

Now, I’m exhausted from a horse show. Good night.

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