Nanowrimo 2010

As I previously reported, I am not participating in Nanowrimo, at least not properly. My novel from last year, Clockwork Lives, has sat unfinished on my laptop for the year, with me prodding it a few times when I didn’t have any other stories in progress. So, the plan is to work on CL this year for Nano, finishing up the scenes I skipped and concluding the story (since my resolution didn’t resolve like I was expecting it to last November).

My initial plan was to work on my laptop since it was once again working after some bad spots this summer. I wrote most of CL on my lappy and it seemed fitting. It also helps me avoid distractions (like…blogs). However, yesterday, when I sat down to read through last year’s work, my laptop refused to boot. AWESOME. Thankfully I have a backup of the story, and I don’t think it’s too outdated, so I’m now working off that. I don’t think there is much that is on my computer that is desperately needed to be saved, but who knows. Still planning on getting that fixed.

I hope to give an update on my progress at the beginning of each week. This week is obviously day one. Today I read through the entire story, making small edits and tracking some facts I’d forgotten (appearances) and some that need changed (ages, which were originally true to the era, but will need fixed to make it marketable).

My goals for this week are:

  • sketch out an ending;
  • write at least some new content; and
  • re-do ages.

Three small goals. Let’s see how it goes! See you all next week.

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