November Novel Update

You may have noticed my plan to post every week with updates on how I was doing fell through. You may be concerned, since it’s now the last day of November and that means my novel should be done. Is it?

Yes. Yes in the way that it is over 70,000 words and 35 chapters and isn’t missing any vital bits from A to Z except a few chapter titles. Of course now it requires editing with a sword (and then a butcher knife and then a paring knife). So YAY!!!

As you may recall, I’ll be taking December off to regroup (and give myself some distance) before beginning to edit in January. I figured December would be too busy anyway. Plus this will let me play with some of the ideas that thrust themselves upon me while I was diligently working on my Nano project.

I wish I could sit back and relax. But you know me.

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