Noveling update

Update on my novel:

As you may recall, the end of February is supposed to mark the completion of my edits and the beginning of preparations to send it off for publication. While I am sticking to this, I am also warning that I’m permitting slight flexibility because of my recent computer problems. I still hope to finish by the end of February, but I’ll be giving myself a day or two flex because of January’s unforeseen events.

I’m currently on page 20 of 158. Some days get more editing done than others, and some days I’m tempted to trash the whole thing. It’s very frustrating at the moment. In addition, I’ll be rebuilding my desktop computer from the ground up, which is loads of fun. So looking forward to it.

Also, I’d love to have people who’d be willing to read through it and tell me (mostly plot wise) if things are good (or should I just give up [not that I’ll listen to that, necessarily]). Drop me a message if you’re interested. I won’t be upset if you start reading and don’t finish, especially if it’s that bad, or in revenge for me doing something similar to you (just tell me which).

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