Out of Season

I just finished baking pumpkin custard, thus the title of this blog.

But really, it’s meant to be an update on my new year’s resolutions:

Meditation: I do it every Monday. How successful that is can be argued, but I sit down and don’t do anything for 10 minutes. So I’m working toward meditation.

Sitting up straight: I’m trying. Not doing so well, but I’m trying, so I’m sure I’m making small improvements.

Reading: I am reading other books outside of the usual genre…though I tend to read 8 billion books at once now (okay, 5).

I’m scheduled to get my tattoo on Feb 12. I just sent out the rough draft of my book to my beta readers. I’m going to put off my taxes until tomorrow I think and reward myself with writing and/or reading.

Happy Monday!

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