Not quitting (update)

I’ve made a decision.

Actually, I made the decision several days ago, but I was distracted. By something.

I’m not giving up on Clockwork Lives! While I have no idea if I’m going to make it to the deadline, I’m going to give it my best. And what exactly will I be doing? (Probably checking twitter obsessively instead of working…)

I’m going to give CL what it needs. First I’m going to go through it page by page and tear out the bits with questionable writing and fix them up while I’m working in the revisions.

Actually, that’s most of it. 160 pages of hardcore fixing. I’m on page 2, if anyone wants to keep count. And, to give myself an idea of how much is changing, I’m putting in all the new text in blue. Well, at least it should make me feel productive.

Once that’s all done I’ll do more basic edits on it and maybe find a new beta to read the new version (my old beta is going to be 3x too busy). Hopefully the new beta won’t send me back to the revision table again.

Then it goes to publisher.

(Waits for laughter to die down.)

Okay, fine, it probably needs more editing after all the revisions I’m making, but that’s fine as long as I’m not told “I didn’t get it.”

Thanks for everyone’s comments! (And for my beta-brother who gave the best comments of all in my novel :)*

* I have a really awesome understanding brother who is straight and doesn’t mind reading a bit of man on man. How cool is he?

One thought on “Not quitting (update)

  1. Having apparently won “Brother Of The Year 2011,” I will now set my sights on Father Of The Year 2012, or at the very least Father Of Triplets of the Year 2012. I would like to thank everyone who helped me get to this point. I could have (sic) made it this far without you, but it would have been a tougher journey.

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