Cup o’ Ramble

For those of you who don’t know, I have a tumblr where I do more often updates on how my writing/editing is progressing, so I don’t clutter my blog with “I edited 2 pages this week. I suck.” And in case you care, I’m on page 127/191. I wrote 2,600 words today. Most of which might be crap, but we’ll see.

I saw a movie tonight called 29 & Gay (punning on road intersections), talking about a gay man who is 29 and unhappy with his life. Only a year behind him, it certainly hit close to home. Sure, I’m happier with my life overall than he was, but romantically, I could totally understand. So it was an interesting insight into the coupling scene. Not that I’m recommending the movie, it was overall mediocre. I’m not actually sure why I’m sharing this, only that after seeing that movie, I wrote 2,600 words. So maybe it was a good thing.
Also, you may have noticed my blog address changed from something vague and mysterious to my name. I have no idea what that does to you if you were following me. Sorry!

ETA: I just realized I forgot to mention that I sold a short story! I’m doing edits on it this week then sending it back to the publisher!

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