Rainbow Book Fair

I meant to make a post about…well, I can’t remember what anymore (aside from how distracting my new iPod touch is). But instead, I decided to talk about Rainbow Book Fair. It took place yesterday in NYC and I went as a worker bee for Riptide Publishing. So I took two pictures, stood between a table and a pole (comfortably), and repeated the same phrase over and over again 🙂

I also got to meet Amy Lane, Rachel Haimowitz, Jaime Samms, K. Piet, Damon Suede, JP Barnaby, and plenty of other authors I didn’t know, or whose names escape me. Everyone I met was lovely and friendly and it was a great experience, even if by the time I collapsed into bed I was so exhausted I couldn’t sleep at first.

Here is my NYC shot (while on the bus…and I’m only posting one b/c the other is identical, but with my finger added in).

The other shot is of the swag (given and purchased) from the fair:

From Left top: travel mug, four books, two condoms, 1 Dark Soul vol 1 t-shirt, 1 pen light, 1 tube bubble gum lip balm.

In addition to meeting people and doing my job, I also was able to talk shop with some pretty smart people, and it was nice to just be surrounded by queer-friendly book people. A good time, and if you didn’t go this year (and can be in the area next year), I’d recommend it 🙂

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