Excerpt and Excitement

In preparation for “Mark of the Familiar” going on sale (you can preorder the anthology, Written in Flesh, here), I thought I’d share a sexy lil piece of it for my loyal followers (err..follower?).

Here’s the description: Ellis comes to the Sui Generis Protection Agency bearing the Mark of the Familiar, magical animal tattoos granting him remarkable shapeshifting abilities. When he feels a True Bond to William, the Wardsman of the agency, he has to convince William of the truth or risk losing his sanctuary, and perhaps even his life.

When William awoke, his magic stirred and his breath quickened; their magic hummed and sang in their veins.

Lips touched the black mark on his neck, tracing the arch down his spine and swooping around his shoulder blade where each starburst was kissed. 

“Mmm,” Ellis purred, squirming with the pulse of his Master’s life and the buzz against his skin. “Master?”  

“Yes, my little pet?” William said, dipping farther beneath the covers, his tongue swirling on Ellis’ lower back before picking up the symbol there, with its thick black strokes that broke apart, some curving along his butt, others hugging around his hip. It was these William’s mouth followed, the tongue giving way for lips, kisses, and at each curled point, a nip. 

Ellis whined, rolled onto his back, and threaded his fingers through William’s hair, the long, straight copper strands soft as silk. He couldn’t help grabbing it—and then immediately releasing it with a tremble—when William’s lips touched the final branch that ended at the base of his cock. 

“Master?” he whimpered, his heart pounding in time with William’s as his member swelled. “I—”  

William’s tongue traced the veins up his cock to the head, kissing away the pre-cum there. “Ask me for it, Ellis.” 

“Master!” he cried, his hips lifting despite his fight for control. “Please?” 

William chuckled, and warm air rushed over Ellis’ sensitive skin. He gasped, dropping his hands to clasp the sheets. Despite this, or because of it, William licked Ellis’ tip. “Ask, or I won’t give.” 

Ellis panted, his marks hummed, they nearly burned with need. “Please, Master,” he whispered. “Please me?” 

Another chuckle. “Close enough.” And then he was encased in heat.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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