Lighting the Way

Happy Solstice!
When I first started posting the lists of people who bring light to my life, I was in college and it was easy. Or easier. Some years I feel like I’m naming the same people every year, because, well, those people are consistently bringing me joy. And frustration. But mostly joy.

* Last year my brother and his wife brought three little nuggets into the world and it’s a wonderful thing. I’m not a kid person by any stretch of the imagination, but these are family and I do love them. They are delightful (and headache inducing). Bright little lights they are. And breeding grounds for illness. Oh, kids!

* Amara, who always has a hug for me if I need it an a “Woohoo \o/” when I actually get more than 2 words written. And sometimes even then!

* Aija and Moya, just for being fun people to talk to! Sometimes all you want to do is share funny stories and gifs.

* Tuna, as always, because you show me such kindness.

* Bry because, even though it’s a tad materialistic, you gave me the iThing. And you’re always there to help when I have computer troubles. And I really love my iThing.

There are many other wonderful people in my life who bring me happiness but right now it’s hard to see their light through the darkness of this short, short day.

Also, in case you’re interested, here’s an article from a psychologist sharing how to make resolutions you’ll keep. I’ll think about resolutions when I have a second!

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