Working on it…

I have 2 short stories I’m working on publishing up for submission. One is a Valentine’s story (not sure if that’s too late for potential publishing), and one is a weird-ass present tense Arabian nights thing. I don’t even know.
But they are both done. And short. Here’s a VERY rough taste of the one story…
It starts with cymbals, a chime to stir the dancers’ blood. Then drums, pounding to wake their hearts. A single player slides into the center of the crowd, his coffee bean-colored skin gleaming. Low-hanging, tightly secured burgundy pants swirl around his limbs with the swish and sway of his hips. Apricot scarves caress his bare torso as he lights across the open space and draws in a lean woman, her skin just as dark, her hair died red, her body sparingly clad in yellow. 

2 thoughts on “Working on it…

  1. Oooh, I can see where you'd get that impression. This goes a very different direction (involving mutilation, because…you know…me…)(Hell, I do that a lot, don't I?)

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